Pink Shirt Day – Not Just for Kids

Today is February 27, 2019, which is pink shirt day. If you have children I am sure you are aware of pink shirt day. It is a day we all wear pink to stand up against bullying. What a great cause! However, on this day there is one form of bullying that is often overlooked:… Continue reading Pink Shirt Day – Not Just for Kids

My Journey to Fed is Best

It was easy for me to be certain of all of this. After all, only 1-5% of women cannot breastfeed. That is what all of my research said. Let me tell you, there is a whole slew of reasons someone is unable to breastfeed their baby. I would never be able to list them all but some of these include nausea during let down, tongue ties, milk production problems, stress, and pain. Not to mention women who plain don’t want to breastfeed. As I struggled to breastfeed I judged myself, I thought other people were judging me and I was stressed to the max. Here is the story of how I came to be an enlightened Fed is Best advocate.